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Repository to Server Deployment

  • Deploy via our web-interface or using command-line
  • Automatically deploy code changes to any server
  • Assign project-specific development teams
  • Add multiple servers to each project
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Key Features.

put.sh is the deployment tool every web developer should have in their toolbox. Working hand in hand with your Git repo – put.sh ensures any changes you make always get put in the right place. Use it as a part of your daily workflow; you’ll see just how much easier life can be.

And to all the FTP clients out there – it’s time to move on.

put.sh works seamlessly with most Git repos, including:

How it works.

We’ve built put.sh in a way that makes it ideal for any workflow - whether you like to sit in Terminal or your web browser - it’s the perfect fit.

  • Set-up Your Project.

    Once your Git repository is up and running, link it to put.sh, set up a project & add your server(s)… you’re good to go. Simple as that.

  • Build Your Team.

    With our Unlimited Account you can create project-specific teams and offer external users access on a project-by-project basis too.

  • Develop & Deploy.

    put.sh knows which files have changed since the last deployment, copying the updated files to their specific locations on your server(s).

  • Revert Your Work.

    If the latest deploy breaks your site or you need to put an earlier version in it’s place - select the commit you want and revert it.

Get Involved & Stay Informed.

At put.sh we love continuous development, and we love involving our users in that process – so if you’ve got any ideas let us know. We will be adding a roadmap to the site to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest feature releases and what we’re planning next. In addition to this, we will be sending out newsletters when we put new features live. To stay informed, register using our newsletter form.

Don’t worry – if you change your mind you can cancel your subscription at any time. We respect your privacy; we will never give your data to third parties, nor will we send you anything that’s not relevant. On that you have our word!

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